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Online Magazine Focusing on the South Korea, Literary Travel, and Desert Islands

Online Magazine | 2016-07-11

Tourism Review Online Magazine III / 2016

Dear readers

Welcome to the summer issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine. Enjoy your unique leisure holiday aboard a river cruise ship in Europe or North America. Learn more in the Transport supplement. The Heritage part presents a number of fascinating attractions and festivals for the lovers of the written word – the literary tourists. Those who prefer reality over fiction should open the Adventure supplement presenting a number of destinations where the visitors go to avoid crowds of tourists – desert island and remote places.

Tourism security is a hot issue these past few months thanks to a number of terror attacks around the world. The Professional part discusses the security policies of several countries where the tourists are scared to go. South Korea, the theme of the Destination supplement, has no problems with the safety of visitors. Beautiful nature, historical cities, modern downtowns – the country has it all. Enjoy the issue.

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Travels for Bookworms

HERITAGE/ Travels for Bookworms

  • Remarkable Literary Festivals for Enthusiastic Readers
  • Celebrate Shakespeare’s Legacy 400 Years after His Death
  • Literary Tourism: Why Is Amsterdam a Must-Visit Destination?
  • Top Literary Destinations in the U.S.
PROFESSIONAL/ Investing in Tourism Security

PROFESSIONAL/ Investing in Tourism Security

  • South African Tourism Faces Security Concerns
  • New Security Measures: Egypt Invests $32 Million in Tourism Safety
  • Security in Tunisia Is No. 1 Priority
  • Turkey Focuses on the Safety of Tourists
ADVENTURE/ Holiday in No Man’s Land

ADVENTURE/ Holiday in No Man’s Land

  • Desert Islands for Relaxing Holidays
  • Best Hidden Beaches around Europe
  • Unknown Australian Islands for Adventurous Souls
  • Peaceful Vacations in the Himalayas
TRANSPORT/ Aboard a River Cruise Ship

TRANSPORT/ Aboard a River Cruise Ship

  • Most Popular River Cruises Take Travelers around the World
  • African Safari Aboard a Cruise Ship
  • French Wine Cruise – An Exhilarating Tour through the Best Wine Regions
  • Disney Launches New River Cruises
DESTINATION/ South Korea – The Festival of Culture

DESTINATION/ South Korea – The Festival of Culture

  • Top 5 Things to Do on Your Korean Holiday
  • Tourism Industry Struggling but New Strategy on the Way
  • Incentive Travel Programs Focus on Winter Sports and Movies
  • Demilitarized Zone Turned to Ecotourism Haven


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