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Online Magazine Focusing on Destination Ghana, Jungle Surfing, and Travel Agents

Online Magazine | 2014-12-29

Tourism Review Online Magazine I / 2015

Dear readers

Welcome to the January issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine. Start the new year by exploring Ghana and its remarkable national parks and culture. Read about the challenges of tourism in the country in the Destination supplement. The heritage of the Black Continent, or rather African Americans, is also the topic of the Heritage part. Join the “black tours” in Amsterdam, Rio or even Paris and prepare to be amazed.

If you are planning your next vacation perhaps you will consider the services of travel agents. When to go for their help and when to “do it yourself”? Open the Professional supplement. New airlines are the theme of the Transport part presenting new lines from China, India as well as North America. First of all, however, get ready for some adrenalin holidays in the jungle and read the Adventure supplement.

All the best to you in 2015!

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ The Heritage of African Americans

HERITAGE/ The Heritage of African Americans

  • Washington, DC: Exploring the Black History of the City
  • African Heritage: Brazil in the New Light
  • Touring Paris and Its African History
  • Remarkable Journey: The Black Heritage Amsterdam Tour
PROFESSIONAL/ Do It Yourself Travel – Pros and Cons

PROFESSIONAL/ Do It Yourself Travel – Pros and Cons

  • With or Without the Travel Agent – That Is the Question
  • Excellent Tips to Travel in China on a Budget
  • Travel Agent – Always Ready to Help and Find the Deals
  • Preparing for DIY Holidays? Be Wise and Stay Safe
TRANSPORT/ New Airlines Conquering the World

TRANSPORT/ New Airlines Conquering the World

  • North America: New Airlines Trying to Reach the Sky
  • Western Canada Welcoming Ultra Low-Cost Airlines
  • China: 19 New Airlines with Uncertain Future
  • Indian Sky to Witness Three New Airlines in 2015
ADVENTURE/ Surfing the Jungle!

ADVENTURE/ Surfing the Jungle!

  • Jungle Surfing: A One-of-a-kind Adventure through the Oldest Rainforest
  • Guatemalan Jungle Inviting for a New Trek
  • Jungle Safari in Nepal Offers Remarkable Experience
  • Get Ready for Jungle Adventure in … Singapore
DESTINATION/ Ghana Connected to Nature

DESTINATION/ Ghana Connected to Nature

  • Ghana to Attract More Tourists in Cultural and Business Travel Sectors
  • Top Travel Attractions in Ghana
  • Ghana to Remain Ebola Free
  • Golf Tourism – Great Potential for Ghana


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